How to Become a Website Designer

How to Become a Website Designer

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  • February 27, 2018

If you want to build your career on website designing then you need to take up a course. There are many web designing courses taught at various institutes and aspiring candidates can select one from the list. One can go for a certificate or a diploma course to learn website designing. As we already know that websites have become a part of our life, there is a huge demand for expert candidates in this field and the post of a web designer provides a handsome salary. So let us discuss how one can become adept on the art of creating captivating websites.

Being able to create extraordinary websites requires experience and patience. It indeed takes time to create professional level websites. However, in today’s competitive industry one who wishes to become a web designer has to learn fast so that he or she can apply the modern trends to the websites. When talking about trends we must mention that today’s websites express the creativity and innovation of the designer. The philosophy to create a beautiful website relies on the idea of the designer. Hence an out of the box approach to creating a website is being taken by today’s web designers.

To create the basic structure of a website the language that is required is called HTML. The full form of the term is Hyper Text Markup Language. With the help of this language, one can code the skeleton of a website. At present, the version that is used to create websites is called HTML 5 which offers a lot of features to create an attractive website. This latest version of HTML is also user-friendly and is highly flexible in creating modern websites and for this reason, a web designing course always starts the syllabus with this very language.

Next to HTML comes the very important part of CSS. The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. This is not a language but a set of rules that the designer writes to apply design to the HTML structure. A single HTML webpage can have multiple CSS rules written. At the same time, different HTML pages can also have different CSS files attached to them. By applying CSS the designer can apply colours, different fonts, set the styling of the photos or images, set the alignment of elements on the webpage and many different things. The courses teach CSS after HTML is complete or at times this is taught hand in hand with HTML.

We already know that modern websites are responsive. That is they automatically fit inside devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. By fitting to the screens of the devices we mean that the websites automatically detect the resolutions of each of the screen sizes. There are many technologies which the web designer can use to achieve this. One of the most renowned among these is Bootstrap. There are certain extra tags which the designer can integrate inside the HTML to make the elements responsive according to the devices.

One of the most crucial elements in web designing is adding animations and interactivity to a website and it can be done with the help of Javascript and JQuery. A web designing course teaches these elements at the end of the course since Javascript and JQuery fall into client-side programming. Today there are several Javascript frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular JS, React etc which designers can use to build state of the art websites. However, they need to learn these technologies in details. On the other hand, as mentioned, JQuery can add a variety of animations to a website to make it more elegant.

Points to remember while learning Web Design

To be a web designer one needs to remember certain points. We will illustrate them below.

  1. A Design Plan

For designing a good website, a proper plan is required. One who wants to learn and pursue a career in web design will need to strategize how the design before getting into coding. While in a job, the designer will need to plan his or her ideas well and in a concrete manner to give shape to the ideas. At certain times in the professional level, the clients may want specific designs for their websites. In these types of situation, a good plan is a must so as to make an initial mockup of the website.

  1. Staying up to date

A web designer needs to stay up to date at all times. He or she needs to learn the new tools of coding or designing whenever they are released in the market. Apart from the technologies, there are other things too such as new design patterns which need to be followed too.

  1. Work in collaboration

Be it in the class or when working professionally, a web designer can learn a lot of things if he or she is working in collaboration with others. The main reason behind the collaborative idea is the interchange of information in a group. When there is an interchange of ideas, a lot of perspectives of creating websites come into play.

  1. Communication skills

This can be a very important topic that needs to be kept in mind for a budding web designer. Good communication skills are required for web designers to work in a company because when talking to clients they will need to communicate properly and in a constructive manner. The candidates will explain the designs to clients and will report them time to time about the progress of their works. If they do not communicate with the clients effectively, then it can have a severe impact on the projects and on the company.

The above are some of the most important points that web designers need to keep in mind if they want to pursue designing as a career. As mentioned already, the candidates can take up the courses from a web designing institute which will help them to grasp all the concepts stated above easily. If they need they can also search the web to find out good institutes.

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