SEO training certification

Clear All Your Doubts About SEO To Become A Certified Expert

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  • January 29, 2018

The basic meaning of SEO is to rank a website in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo so that whenever any person searches for it, that particular website is shown on the top. It helps in gaining more and more business for the company. The SEO training certification course has been made in such an organized manner that it will definitely help you to increase the online visibility of your business.

This course results in clearing the concept of SEO with hands on practice session. You will also learn all the important skills required to maintain a website’s ranking on a search engine. This significant course will not only be helpful in gaining valuable customers for your business but it will also make your website look different from your competitors. It also helps you to make good strategies for your business.

SEO training certification

Certification indicates your proficiency which is recognized by a reputed organization. The presence of an SEO certified logo on your website itself is more than enough to prove your expertise and gain the trust of your valuable customers. The logo can also be attached to the page which would verify the sincerity of your business. In this way, your customers feel safe and secure which would, ultimately, result in gaining more and more business for your organization.

SEO specialization helps in gaining practical skills which can be applied in real time projects which helps in building a firm career in digital marketing or content development plus on-page and off-page optimization, optimization for local and international audiences, organizing website audits which are search-oriented and arranging SEO with all the strategies of the business.

Each and every course is designed in such a fashion that it builds on the skills attained from the previous one. So, it is advised that the courses are undertaken in the same order as mentioned below:


You might have some questions regarding the work of search engines and ranking websites in them. This section is an answer to all such queries of yours. It welcomes you to the world of SEO. This section gives a vivid description on the whereabouts of SEO. By the end of this module, you will learn how search engines work, how the pattern of SEO has changed since its birth and the future of it. You will also learn the plans to prevent penalization from search engines. That’s not all. You will explore the various career paths in SEO as well as the salary which can be expected in each and every opportunity. The SEO training certification course is the best way to achieve your designated goal in the best possible way.


In this module, you will understand the various algorithms of search engines and their effect on organic search results. You will get to know about the effective SEO strategies which are inclusive of selection and performance of keyword research, customer’s mindset and search behavior. SEO analysis is also a vital part of this module.


This module helps you to dive into the world of website optimization. You will gain an in depth knowledge about it. Here, you will learn about the various aspects of content marketing strategy. Goal setting, expectations of clients, making effective analytics and reports and SEO improvements are included in this section.


Do you know that content marketing and social media platforms are interconnected? We guess that your answer is probably no. We are glad to inform you that they both are interconnected to each other. Here, you will learn how these interconnected channels drive operate search results to a website. You will also get to know about the effective usage of influence marketing for the establishment of the authority of the website.


You might have a question in your mind on how to increase the traffic for a particular website. Do not worry at all. This section mainly deals with technical, mobile and social strategies for the increment of site traffic. Global team alignment, content localization and optimization for local search engines are the key elements of this section. You will also learn the ways and means of collecting, interpreting, validating and reporting success to you esteemed clients.


This is a vital section of the SEO training certification course wherein you enter the real world of projects. Here, you apply the knowledge and skills which you have gained in all the previous sections. You will be identifying the chances of optimization on a site and excavate important tips and tricks to pitch your plan and manage a good professional relationship with the client. You will also develop a customized solution for your choice of website and skim through each and every step required for the execution of your strategy. You will also receive a feedback from the peer review procedure. This process will give you an extra input which will be helpful for the refinement of your advancement towards SEO as well as a clear presentation of your discoveries to client and management.

Now, the question arises as to how you can become a certified SEO expert. There is a simple answer to this question of yours. The answer is that it is mandatory for you to complete at least 85 to 90 percent of the course in a satisfactory manner.You have to successfully complete 3 projects and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60 percent.

The tips for successful completion of the course are that it is recommended for you to have a basic working knowledge of HTML, knowledge of internet usage and usage of Microsoft Office tools.

So, the SEO training certification is important for individuals and companies to prove to all the esteemed clients that they have reached a level of SEO proficiency. The certificate is a mark of assurance that the individual has come across diligent, peer-developed and inspected standards which are endorsed by a national professional body.

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