Importance of Learning Web Design in the Current Global Web Revolution

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  • December 24, 2018

The global revolution of the internet has arrived. After the advent of Web 2.0, a wide variety of things have become possible on the internet. Today’s browsers are have also become optimized to deliver complex content for the viewers. The global web revolution stands on the three pillars of the internet. They are:

i) Content

ii) E-commerce

iii) User Interaction

We will discuss these three in details so as to see how the global revolution has developed and why enrolling for a web design course is important for aspirants who want to take up designing as their careers.


Anything can fall under the domain of content such as text, images, videos etc. In the earlier years when the internet was slowly arriving in the markets, there were mostly text and images with minimum designs. The video portion came much later. However, as time passed by the internet became heavier with videos as well as images and in this particular stage the web browsers evolved and many new came into existence. Adding to this, the commercial websites wanted to display content in enticing ways so that the visitors could know what it was all about.

If we compare this scenario with today, we can see that websites have become more feature rich thanks to the design of the web pages. We can see responsive design and technologies such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which help us to view beautifully structured websites properly in mobile devices along with desktop and using fewer amounts of data. All of these would not have been possible if web designing and the new technologies associated to it weren’t there.

Today, due to the feature-rich presentation of websites, the industry requires web designers who are proficient in creating them and a course in web design will help the candidate to become proficient in the art, thereby achieving a good career.


We all are aware of E-commerce and how popular it has become. Since most of the E-commerce websites are huge, designing them can be hard as well due to their complexity. The current global web revolution rests on tremendous market competition for which, most companies demand web designers who know the advanced web designing procedures required to design these sites. This is exactly where a course in web design comes in handy for creative people who want to be competent designers in today’s market.

User Interaction

You might have noticed already that most websites today offer various levels of user interactivity. These include animations, drag and drop facilities and easy selections to name a few. These are developed by web designers. Most of these are developed with the help of Javascript. There are in fact many websites which are taking the internet by storm due to their state of the art user interactivity. So, as you might have understood already, to become a part of this global revolution, a course in web design is necessary for career seekers.

Lastly, we will say that the global revolution in the web will continue and there are many more things to come. For now, it is thus important to enjoy the experience that this revolution produces each and every day.

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