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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips in 2018

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  • May 8, 2018

Today, we will be looking at some of the best digital marketing tips in 2018. If you are a digital marketer and want to extend your skills

then you need to know these skills. You will be able to know these by joining up a digital marketing training in Kolkata. So let us dive into some of the tips below.

1. Link building measures
There are many link building measures which you need to take up. This is an important method to increase the discoverability. While building links you as a marketer need to get some high-quality links to gain a reputation with which you can prove to Google that your site is worthy and is relevant. This way it will also be visible in a local search. You can also ask bloggers or other local businesses to place the link to your website on their platform. A small amount of media coverage can also help you in building your links.

2. Keyword selection and integration
Keyword analysis and selection is utmost important if you want to take your business forward. In 2018 where the market is more competitive than before, you would have to use aggressive tactics and know the trends such as Google Adwords, Google Trends and many others. You have to compare the keywords and check which one will take you forward in the competition. Since it is 2018, you have to integrate the keywords in such a manner that the site will be optimized.

3. Adding special features to your websites
There are a lot of special features that you can now add to your website which will help you to gain a good number of visitors and thereby generate leads. As a digital marketer, you need to talk to the web designers and developers and improve the page loading times. Integrating a search box will help your users to find out about the products or services rapidly. You can also add a call to action where you can add get a feature where your users will get directions or featured products/ services. Including these, you need to make sure that your website is mobile optimized. If you take up digital marketing training in Kolkata, you will know how to integrate these features.

4. Optimizing Local Search
Local search is important for any small business. Here you need to optimize the local listings so that the business appears in a search engine. Today there are many platforms such as Google Business and other social media from which people can discover your business. Here the optimizations will be done in such a way that the local map will automatically show your business.

5. Gather contacts with E-mail Addresses
When any user visits your site then you need to gather contacts so that you can generate some lead. Therefore your website will be designed and developed in such a way that whenever any visitor arrives at your website, it will ask for their e-mails. After subscribing to your website you can programmatically e-mail news and other materials to your websites. You must also include online reviews from where you will be able to get customer feedback. Since it is 2018 customers rely very much rely on user experience. Hence including testimonials is a good part of exhibiting your website’s usefulness.

6. Taking advantage of social media and other networking sites
With every year the importance of social media increases. This year also we need to emphasize on social media as digital marketers. From running ad campaigns to general posts, social media will promote each and every aspect of your business. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the social media to the fullest as all the businesses, big or small are moving and have already moved on to the social media.

7. Preparing product or service launch events
Launch events play a very important role in promoting your business. You can create events on both the social media and on your website. You can create these events in different ways which you can learn by taking digital marketing training in Kolkata. These events can also attract a lot of advertisers and new traffic from where we can expect a fair amount of conversions.

8. Implementing the old methods in a new way
Though SEO is not yet obsolete yet, from now onwards you will have to implement it in a different way. As we all know by now that today’s search algorithms play a big part in detecting content, it is essential to post the optimized content in different parts of the web where there is a good number of visitors. Apart from that, images, promotional videos and other content must go to other websites in a proper manner i.e. an organized manner so that you can get visitors.

9. Branding matters the most
In 2018 the strategy will be on Branding. If your business has gained momentum or has achieved something, do share it with people via social media. This way you gain a good brand identity. People are hesitant to try out products or services from new brands, but people love achievements and when you showcase them with the world, you will surely get a good business.

10. On-site engagement
Website engagement is a must when you are trying to expand your business. You need to add promotions and discounts to your website so that people are interested in your product or service(s). You can add attractive forms which will help you in bringing more leads. The higher the engagement of your users, the better is the possibility of a good business.

There are countless tips to improve marketing in 2018. From these, we have only mentioned some which we have found are important and are used by digital marketers throughout the globe. Other than that if you work in the industry you will achieve certain skills with time. Apart from this, you must take up a digital marketing training in Kolkata which will equip you with the general skills necessary to handle the projects with expertise.

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