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Traditional and Non–Traditional Techniques of Digital Marketing

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  • April 17, 2018

To be able to work in the field of digital marketing one needs to know both traditional and non–traditional techniques. For this, however, it is necessary to take up a course from a digital marketing institute in Kolkata which will equip the students with the necessary knowledge to work in a professional environment. Today we will see some of these techniques which are used while working professionally.

  1. Web optimization techniques

By web optimization, we mean SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is an important part of digital marketing. This can be called as a traditional technique of digital marketing where the aim of the marketers is to promote the website on which they are working on.

Search Engine Optimization is a method which helps a website to reach visitors. When a user puts a query on a search engine it fetches results. The target is to make the website link get displayed when users search for specific keywords and key phrases. For this, however, the marketers will need to integrate these keywords and key phrases into the website, mainly in the Meta description and sometimes in the page title. Apart from this, the keywords need to be integrated into the content of the website.

There are many ways to which the optimization can be done and some of the steps are:

  • Social Media posts

As a conventional method, the digital marketers will post interesting facts about the website so that users get interested in the content and arrive on the website. The more the users like the posts, they will arrive at the website to explore it and of course the greater the number of the visitors, the popular the site will become. As the website becomes more and more popular, it will start appearing in the search engine because an engine gives priority to a website which is popular.

  • Social Media Advertisements

Another traditional technique of digital marketing is advertising through the social media. The digital marketers run paid campaigns on various social platforms. These campaigns are nothing but the posts which are displayed as advertisements in the social media. These advertisements no doubt attract a lot of traffic and with the traffic, there is a chance to increase the number of customers for the websites.

  • Blog Postings

Blogs are important to optimize a website for traffic and campaign about the product or the services. A website must have a blog section which will consist of write-ups with the keywords. The blogs will focus on the products or the services that the website wants to sell. Today even the search engines are also giving priority to unique and original content. If one takes up a course from a digital marketing institute in Kolkata he or she will be able to gain the know-how of working with content writers or developers for the gain more customers.

  1. Advertisement techniques

The next traditional technique is the different types of advertisement techniques such as PPC, CPC etc. We will take a look at how they are done.

  • PPC to market the products or the services

As we know that PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertisement technique in which an advertiser pays an amount of money for a click on their advertisements. The budget for these advertisements can be fixed and the value for a click can fluctuate based on a lot of criteria such as search volume, competition etc. The digital marketers set up these campaigns with the keywords in such a way that when people search with these terms, the advertisements appear and people click on it.

  • CPC to measure the cost of the clicks

Though PPC is the actual process which is used over the search engines, CPC or Cost Per Click is used as a metric to measure the cost of each and every click. It helps to analyze the cost of the entire campaign as a whole.

  1. Some non-conventional techniques

We have discussed some of the traditional techniques above. We will now look at some of the non – traditional techniques of digital marketing. These techniques can be learnt from a digital marketing institute in Kolkata which will teach you about all of these comprehensively.

  • Affiliate marketing

This type of marketing technique consists of promoting a website through affiliation. The marketers approach the affiliating websites so that they can post the link to the target website in theirs. If the affiliating websites have a good reputation then a lot of traffic can be achieved.

  • Social Bookmarking

This is not a new or totally out of the box technique but social bookmarking can sometimes help the digital marketers gain more leads. If the content, the products or the service is interesting enough, it will surely gain attention through these bookmarking sites. Most of these sites are based on the ‘upvoting’ strategy. The more a link gets upvoted the more it gets popular and the more is the chance to get a good amount of lead.

  • Changing Website Designs

The website designs are a very important thing as this creates the impression of a website altogether. The digital marketers have to coordinate with the web designers to change the designs after certain periods so that when users arrive at the website they spend a good amount of time because the longer they spend on the websites the better it is.

These are some of the traditional and non – traditional techniques of digital marketing. There are many other techniques too which can be found by joining a course from a digital marketing institute in Kolkata which imparts comprehensive courses for its candidates. With time, however, the marketers will be able to discover more and more techniques of digital marketing. One has to learn from the peers to grow. One also needs to keep his or her mind open so that they can face criticisms to improve their weaker areas and become proficient in the field in which they are working on.

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