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A world of opportunities for graphic designers in Kolkata

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  • January 15, 2018

Kolkata has always given rise to artists and graphic designers are artists who create works that captivate people. Through paintings, artworks and designs a graphic designer unfold the story, a vision that has led her to produce the design for the world to see and perceive. Since graphics is required everywhere, a world of opportunities awaits to be unlocked. Keeping this in mind we present our complete curriculum in designing, our own graphic design course in Kolkata which provides insight into everything that a designer needs to know to give shape to his or her career. By pursuing this course one will also be able to work as a freelancer for companies. Today there are countless softwares which assist in creating a wonderful piece of art and by creating the art the designer liberates her mind from the day to day struggles. No wonder graphic designing is a creative job and with commitment and dedication one can turn his dreams to reality.

graphic design course

The course that we offer includes a lot of methodologies and approaches to building innovative designs. As we know that there are numerous procedures for constructing beautiful designs, one has to know the techniques to create and strategize the designs. Our course provides ample tips and tricks for a designer to make a design quickly to meet a deadline. As a designer who wishes to set a foothold in the graphic design industry, this course will help him immensely in building a good knowledge of the different concepts of graphics. The course contains modules to assist designers from beginner and advanced level.

With the emergence of many new companies the demand for graphic designers are surging and as said already that graphics is required everywhere be it a brochure, card, web design, magazine etc. Even printing industries are in need of proficient graphics designers. Not just today but in the past designers used to create designs which were used in the printing industry for books and magazines. At present printing industries also cater to a good number of excellent designers.

Today graphics designers receive a handsome salary and with the startup boom, it is destined to increase. Here we will discuss what designers will need in order to excel in the art.

  • Every creative endeavour is backed by theory. In graphics, the theory is dependent upon fonts, typography colour, grids and resolutions. One will be able to create alluring designs if he or she has the knowledge of shadows, depth and lighting. Therefore knowledge of fundamental concepts is necessary which can be gained through this course.
  • To improve the skills it is important to be patient and learn from one’s own mistakes. A designer has to be open to all sorts of suggestions and from general audience and the design community. With the help of these, they can also perform better at their jobs.
  • As mentioned earlier, freelancing can not only be a good employment opportunity from home, but also from a learning perspective. The home-based projects can increase the skills and ideas to create out of the box art. Hence side projects can be very handy in acquiring knowledge, gain new skills and generating income.
  • Innovation is an important aspect of a designer without which good designs cannot be made. In the process of creating designs, there will be many mistakes. However, it is these mistakes that help designers to grow. For this reason, it is mandatory to pursue a graphic design course from an institute where the focus will be on improving the weaker sides with the help of new tools and technologies.
  • Designers must make it a practice to learn from other designers and grow in the process. The interaction with each other will enhance knowledge. The learning process must be guided by examples and suggestions to create and develop designs that break the convention and follow trends. Designers must also attend workshops and conferences where the interchange of knowledge will take place. Group projects are also encouraged to increase the understanding of teamwork.
  • Conventional methods should also be followed by designers. Such as reading books and magazines which impart knowledge on designing. There are many books and design journals. The help of online videos can also be taken to learn new topics. Therefore to know more about the topics one must take a graphic design course from an organization.

In the most recent years, there has also been a surge of companies in Kolkata who require graphics designers. There are also bloggers nowadays who publish their own artwork in blogs and the content can inspire and motivate people who are new in the field. Individuals will also gain experience of new concepts that they were unaware of. By seeing the new artwork designers will have the idea of creating material that will stand out from others. We also encourage our candidates to participate in competitions which develop a competitive mindset. To work in the recent industry it is necessary to have confidence in the self.

Till now we have discussed whatever we have observed in the real world. This should be considered as a note of how our courses will open up the world of opportunities. Apart from just teaching we also encourage students to follow their passions and become extraordinary designers. They are taught to face challenges in every day of their lives and each project that they work on opens up new possibilities. Graphic designers have to learn from their mistakes if they want to make it their profession. And in this way, they grow over time. The design software is like assistants in the designing work, but the driving force is the brain and the ideas. And we hope that our exclusive graphic design course in Kolkata will help our students to get not only jobs but also to succeed in their lives. The course is taught by our expert faculties who are highly experienced in the field and are dedicated to imparting in-depth knowledge of the discipline. Throughout the years they have nurtured and produced some of the best designers from Kolkata.

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