Certificate in Communicative English

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Learn to express yourself and communicate with others in real situations.

Course Description

Today English is used as the international medium of expression. Speaking the language fluently and perfectly is necessary to get connected to the modern world. The Communicative English course will help the students bridge the gap between the various languages spoken in India and the world. By pursuing the spoken English classes, candidates will be able to communicate fluently with teachers and other students in schools and universities. They will also be able to construct correct sentences when writing letters or research articles for any other purpose. The course is taught by our expert faculty who are highly experienced in teaching Communicative English in our institution.

Course Duration

Course Benefits

  • Empowers a student to communicate without any hesitation with others in the English Language
  • Obtain skill over grammar and the flow of the language.
  • Gain confidence while taking part in active discussion, debate or presentations.
  • Be able to gain knowledge through lectures in English in a classroom or similar space.
  • Gain respect at work, social gatherings or places where English is the medium of expression.
  • Be able to practice communication in a diversified classroom for achieving perfection.
  • Interview training for students using English as the sole medium of expression.
  • Enhance the knowledge of words and best practices while communicating by doing home projects.
  • Personal attention is given to each and every student.


  • Basics of English Grammar and its usage
  • Interactive sessions to lessen your hesitation
  • Role Plays
  • Group Discussions
  • Pronunciation
  • Written Communication
  • Evaluation

Thus, it can be said that speaking English in a proper manner is very important these days. Our spoken English classes are full of fun-filled activities and interactions. So, the hesitation of speaking English goes off slowly and gradually. The Communicative English course is thus designed to help the students in every possible way. Our trainers are very helpful in clearing all the doubts of the students.

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