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Professional Diploma in Content Writing

Course Module

  • Creative Content Writing
  • Technical Content Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Proof Reading/Editing
  • SEO Content Writing

Content writing course In Kolkata

Course Duration - 3 Months

If you have a flair for writing and would like to express yourself and connect with the world, Content Writing can be your best choice of profession. To learn content writing,however, it is necessary to join a course which will guide you to write alluring content to captivate the viewers. You can write and publish content both online and offline, though, the profession will require you to write for both the mediums.

At One India Training Academy you will learn the fundamental concepts of writing. As a reputed content writing training institute in Kolkata, we focus on developing the skills with which you will be able to perform research and develop presentable content for the viewers.

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Benefits of Joining Content Writing Training Institute in Kolkata

To pursue a career in writing, it is necessary to learn content writingas the course that we provide will give you many benefits such as:

  • Lucrative Career Opportunities
    The web industry is in dire need of writers possessing strong vocabulary skills and proficiency in sentence construction. By taking up the course you will achieve those skills to help you in starting a career in content writing.

  • Work As A Full Timer Or A Freelancer
    By taking up the course you will gain the skills to work both as a full-timer and a freelancer. In both the areas, you will need to handle a variety of projectsand in this way, you will gain experience. However, to write content in different domains, you will need to gather the related information from the internet or other sources. The course will teach you how to gather the information and then structure your content.

  • Excellent Growth Opportunities
    A career in writing will provide you with excellent opportunities for growth. By taking up this course you can be assured that your writing skills will be improved which will set the gateway for creating the best quality contents for your clients and with time and accumulated experience, you will reach the zenith of your career.
    If you joinour content writing training institute in Kolkata,you will get added benefits of participating in writing competitions to improve your skills.


The Future of Learning Creative Content Writing

At One India Training Academy, you will extensively learnweb content writingwhere your creative thinking will determine the quality of the content. The future of creative content is bright as writing can influence viewers. If you are working for a company or a business agency, your writing can generate potential customers. Hence, writing on the web platform gives you the power toexpress your ideas and views to attract viewers.

At present search engines are giving priority to content i.e. the ranking of the websites depends on the quality and relevance of content. In this domain,creative content writingplays a very important part. In this type of writing, you have the freedom to play with words and sentences with which you can experiment with. You will be ableto explore many areas in which you will have to write if you take up content writing as your career.

Due to the rapid rise of websites, many training institutes are providing courses in web content writing and creative content. But, you must remember that the classroom materials and teaching matter a lot so that you can produce efficient write-ups while working. If you join our institute, you will learn the subject through interactive teaching and we have designed the course in such a way that you enjoy the subject while learning.

The 5 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Web Content Writer

If you want to become an expert writer of web content or excel in creative content writing, you need to have the following 5 skills which you will develop through the course. These are:

  1. Learn the usage of words, jargons etc while writing user-specific contents.
  2. Vocabulary improvement to write engaging contents for clients.
  3. Methods of strategizing the content before their development.
  4. Procedures of research and collecting data from sources before or while developing content.
  5. Logical thinking and ability to create lucid content for the readers.