Our professional courses are aimed at developing skills required to deliver leading edge output that the current industry requires. This course is for students seeking an entry into modern web and graphics designing.

Groundbreaking designs

Learn to design ultramodern websites meant to keep your clients or visitors totally absorbed thereby driving the business forward.

Professional Diploma in Web Designing

Web designing is one of the trending career options now providing endless opportunities and the ability to work in any sector.

Course Duration-6 Months

Growing businesses

Learn to promote and grow businesses or institutions with the help of social platforms over the internet by taking advantage of various optimization techniques.

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Industry presence over the internet is utmost necessary today for the growth of a business. The digital marketer you will help in achieving the growth.

Course Duration -3 Months

Feature development

Learn to develop the nifty features of a website. The rich aspects of an application are what makes a website stand out and helps in building a good customer base.

Professional Diploma in Php & My SQL

PHP is the most used backend programming language used to develop a website. With the help of MySQL, the database system, you can create robust and complex websites.

Course Duration - 6 Months


Our advanced diploma courses are aimed at developing concepts that are required to work on large scale projects with complex infrastructure. This course is for students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge in the field of design and development.

Pioneering concepts

Design and develop layouts for modern web applications. You will learn about design patterns with colours and shapes to further enrich the contents.

Advanced Diploma in Web Designing

Advanced web designing focuses on applying complex themes and customizations and the methods required to do so. The designer will convey the purpose of the website through the interface.

Course Duration-12 Months

Expanding businesses

An organization with a huge customer base will require in-depth analytics report of their website along with strategies to expand the business digitally.

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

Advanced digital marketing equips a student or a professional with the knowledge of using a variety of tools and techniques to spread the business across miscellaneous web platforms and develop reports of incoming visitors.

Course Duration - 6 Months


The certificate-courses help develop the basics of design and development. Students will gain an insight into the principles and ideas along with technologies used to create graphics and websites.

Perceiving layouts

Learn the fundamentals of designs to create websites, logos or artworks. This course is targeted towards students who wish to understand design principles and branding required for every business, institution or non-profit.

Certificate in Graphic Design

The certificate course helps the students to develop core concepts of designing and their application. Students will learn about the rules and design patterns to create appealing art to be used in brochures, banners, posters, visiting cards and in websites.

Course Module:

  • Creating impressive illustrations with software like Corel Draw.
  • Creating graphics for print media and web.
  • Creating layouts with Photoshop
  • Creating web animations with Animate CC.
  • Develop modern concepts of Graphics Designing
  • Create vector illustrations with Adobe Illustrator.

Career options:

  • Graphic designers
  • Flash animators
  • Layout designers
  • Flash Animator

Course Duration-4 Months

Understanding designs

This course equips a student with the foundation knowledge of designing a website. Students will get an idea of the basic coding structure required to design modern responsive websites.

Certificate in Web Design

The certificate course in web designing will help a student to grasp the key concepts of designing a website from scratch. Students can opt for the professional course after the completion of this course if they want to pursue web designing as a career.

Course Module

  • uild responsive websites
  • Build layouts with Adobe Photoshop
  • Code websites with the help of HTML.
  • Implement CSS for styling of the web pages.
  • Typography Design
  • Modern concepts with best practices while designing websites.

Career options

  • Web designer
  • HTML Developer
  • Front end web designer

Course Duration-4 Months

Research Ideas

Students will learn the research procedures required before and after launching a website. They will also learn the testing, maintenance and information gathering for improved website experience and stability.

Certificate in Web Planning

Web planning is the most important part of the digital platform where candidates will need to analyze procedures for the delivery of content, the design and service that an organization or a person wants to deliver through the website. This process also involves testing and maintenance of a website.

Course Module

  • Analyze the purpose of the website
  • Gather information about the status of the website for example visitors, content etc.
  • Planning the execution of design and development.
  • Testing and Delivery of the website and related content
  • Routine maintenance of the website.
  • Develop plans to execute updates on a website.

Career options

  • Website management
  • Website planner
  • Internet Marketing Manager

Course Duration-4 Months

UX Innovation

Design stunning applications that power today’s computers and smartphones. Students will learn the basic blocks in designing powerful applications for smart devices.

Certificate in App Designing

This course will equip candidates with the knowledge to design cutting-edge applications which are the driving force of today’s smartphone and computers. The design patterns taught in the course will help students to visualize and design a powerful app.

Course Module

  • Students will learn to visualize a basic app.
  • Students will learn to plan the design of a basic app.
  • Students will learn the fundamentals of app designs.
  • Students will develop UX methodologies for modern-day apps
  • Students will learn to design icons for apps.
  • Students will learn to develop user interactions for an application.

Career options

  • App designer
  • Graphics designer
  • UX designer
  • App and Web designer

Course Duration-3 Months

Learning promotions

Learn search engine optimization techniques to promote websites. Promotion of websites is utmost important if you want it to reach a large number of people.

Certificate in Advanced SEO Technique

Advanced SEO techniques will guide a candidate to spread the website to the world using the internet as the platform. SEO is also required to attract a large number of audience thereby increasing user base to build the business.

Course Module

  • Candidates will learn to develop SEO practices on Wordpress, articles and overall website optimization techniques for quick recognition by search engines.
  • Research and analysis of websites and using Google Adwords and Keyword Planner.
  • Using technologies such as PPC, Webmasters, CPC, analytics and much more.
  • Researching keywords and keyword length suitable for websites.
  • Applying SEO over different frameworks such as Magento, Wordpress and much more.
  • Installation of plugins in websites which will help in building reports or analytics of a website.

Career options

  • SEO optimizer.
  • PPC, CPC executives
  • SMO and SME in companies
  • Digital Marketing Executives in companies.

Course Duration-3 Months

Fluent Communications

Learn to converse in English fluently using grammatically correct sentences. Students will learn the techniques of perfect communication and pronunciation to take part in dialogues and exchange of thoughts.

Communicative English

Our comprehensive [certificate] course in Communicative English is aimed at building a strong vocabulary to help students communicate flawlessly in the English language. By pursuing this course students will also be able to write error-free sentences.

Course Module

  • Candidates will learn to communicate in English with confidence.
  • Candidates will learn to express themselves by using proper pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Candidates will learn to write academic papers and will develop oral skills with which they can participate in debates and giving a speech.
  • Be able to perform common language functions effectively such as making a request, greeting people, apologizing to people etc.
  • Be able to read and understand all types of documents, content etc.

Career options

  • Communicative English Teaching.
  • Media & Entertainment Companies.
  • Content Writers.
  • Script Writing and Copywriting.

Course Duration-120 Hours

Nursery Teachers Training Course

Our Nursery teachers training course will provide you with the knowledge and principles of teaching young children at Nursery schools. By joining this course you will become a proficient educator to develop and guide children.

Nursery Teachers Training Course

Our Nursery teachers training course will provide you with the knowledge and principles of teaching young children at Nursery schools. By joining this course you will become a proficient educator to develop and guide children.

Course Module

  • You will learn the basics of Nursery Education.
  • You will acquire knowledge of child psychology to analyze the behavior of children.
  • You will know the various methods of educating children at Nursery schools.
  • You will gain comprehensive knowledge of child care, health and education.
  • Procedures for making art, craft and music for kids.

Career options

  • Nursery Teachers
  • School administrator
  • Childcare specialist

Course Duration-120 Hours