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Professional Diploma in Php & My SQL

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PHP & MySQL Course In Kolkata

PHP is the most used back-end programming language for developing a website. Any leading web development procedure requires this programming language to power their website. PHP is easy to learn and coupled with MySQL, the powerful database tool, one can develop a feature-rich website rapidly. We at One India Training Academy, provide the most extensive php training in Kolkata with the help of experienced teachers impart the knowledge to develop powerful websites using modern tools. The techniques for web development that we teach will help our students in securing a job and help them to gain an insight into best coding practices that a developer must know.

We provide the course at the most affordable rates. Our modules contain all the details of coding which is required to take up the job. However, if you are keen on knowing how to take admission and more about the php course fees,you can contact us right away. We believe that this course will be a deal breaker for you and you since you will become an efficient coder and be able to start your career in web development right away.

Today, there is a huge demand for web developers whereas there is a shortage of the expert ones in the market. At One India Training Academy, our training methods focus on hands-on training so that our candidates are able to learn not only the necessary skills but also become proficient in handling numerous projects at once. Therefore, if you want to get complete php training in Kolkata,you must join this course right now.

Get Trained from Reputed PHP Training Institute in Kolkata
Course Duration - 8 Months

If you want to develop state of the art websites, you must learn PHP from a reputed PHP training institute in Kolkata to develop the skills and learn the best practices of web development. Just learning the skills won’t do, you need to learn teamwork too, which you will learn from us.

With the emergence of the E-commerce industry and the necessity of web developers, many php training centres in Kolkata have emerged. But, as you can understand that it is important to take up the course from a reputed institute which will help you to acquire the knowledge comprehensively.

If you want to take up freelancing projects, you need to learn php from a renowned PHP training institute in Kolkata which will equip you with the right kind of knowledge to handle client projects. In freelance based works, you will need to manage different type of projects and this course is the best choice to guide you in this endeavor.

PHP is the most used language to develop the web and the database systems are managed by a system called MySQL. To learn the system, you can join the course at our mysql training institute in Kolkata where we provide extensive knowledge on structuring, developing and normalizing the database systems for small, mid and large scale websites.

Database management is an essential part of web and application development as large websites or applications receive millions of requests every day and to keep them optimized, a database administrator is required. If you want to be a proficient database administrator, you must take up our advanced mysql training in Kolkata where we teach the database management and optimization comprehensively.

Among the academic organizations committed to teaching, our mysql training institute in Kolkata provides the education using real-world examples where your skills and knowledge on the subject will be tested.

One India Training Academy is the only php training center where you will get special classes if you need to solve your queries related to coding. Our trainers are always ready to help you when and if you need any help regarding any topic that is necessary for your development.

If you want to learn web development then it is necessary to take up the php training and certification course from an institute which has a good infrastructure. We at One India Training Academy have become popular due to our teaching methods and course curriculum.Learning web development is easy and fun when you take up the course from our php training center which will help you to become a web developer step by step. Our unconventional way of teaching makes learning the programming language fun. When you take up our php training courses in Kolkata,you will get interview training after the completion of the course so that you get qualified as a web developer in a company.

Our advanced php training in Kolkata will also help you to stay one step ahead of other fresher web developers who are trying to get a foothold in today’s highly competitive industry.

Since all of our courses are job oriented, our php training courses in Kolkata will help you to get employed by equipping you with thorough knowledge. You will also get 100% job assistance after the completion of the course(s).

Course Module
  • PHP in details
  • My SQL
  • Basics of object-oriented programming in PHP
  • Concept of exception handling
  • PHP / My SQL database handling with PDO
  • CMS project
  • E-commerce project
  • Some more live projects for hands on experience
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