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One India Training Academy, a unit of Institute of International Teachers Training; ISO 9001:2015 certified Government of India registered educational organization offering a variety of courses in yoga training.

The institute has started the all-new course on Yoga Training where Pre & Primary Teachers are taught the methods of teaching basic Yoga to students. The institute boasts a learning-oriented infrastructure where the course is taught by expert instructors. Along with this, the organization has developed comprehensive and up to date study materials for the teachers to provide them with the insight required to teach Yoga in diverse classrooms.

As a renowned training institute, OITA provides a globally recognized certificate for the course. This allows the Pre & Primary teachers to train the fundamentals of Yoga and manage classrooms in any school across the world.

Future Prospect for Joining Yoga course in Kolkata

Joining the training program will give you immense benefits. Today Yoga has come to limelight and the discipline has created many job opportunities in the market and to be a part of this workforce it is important that you join this course as soon as possible.

The yoga teacher training course will equip you with the skills of not only teaching your students but also in becoming a health consultant. By taking up the program you will be able to educate your students to improve their health by maintaining proper Yoga poses.

Yoga has gone global in recent years and has impacted workplaces. Today, we can see many campaigns and recently the International Day of Yoga is celebrated worldwide on 21st June. The day is followed in many corporate and government schools and offices throughout the world and these institutions are actively seeking candidates who can teach Yoga effectively.

The future of Yoga is no doubt bright. Many educational institutes are preparing to start Yoga as a subject in higher studies apart from the pre and primary level. Hence you can expect extraordinary career opportunities after taking the yoga courses in Kolkata.

When joining an institute you must take a look at the course curriculum and talk to the students who are taking up the courses in the institute. It is also important to talk to the instructors since they will be able to give you an overview of the course.

If you join the Yoga course and take up yoga classes in Kolkata, you surely are able to achieve your dreams of becoming a teacher.

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Yoga Foundations

How Can You Guide Children To Learn Yoga In A Classroom?
As a Pre or Primary teacher it is important to learn the basics of Yoga that you can teach your students as most of the schools require their teachers to be equipped with the knowledge of the subject. By taking up this course, you will learn the methods of teaching basic Yoga in simple ways. You will also learn the techniques to manage the children in your class as educating this new subject can be cumbersome if do not have the necessary knowledge.

Our Advanced Methodologies of Teaching Yoga in Schools
Teachers will be taught about the techniques of performing the basic Yoga postures so that the kids can follow them easily. The teachers will also learn about the difficulties that the young learners might face in the classrooms and they will identify them and solve them accordingly. At OITA, the trainers guide the aspirants with extensive classroom materials so that they can teach Yoga in a disciplined way in the classroom.

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Intensive Three Months Yoga Teacher Training Certification course

If you want to become a Yoga Trainer in Pre & Primary schools, your best chance is to join a yoga instructor training institute in Kolkata which will guide you to becoming a proficient instructor with the right methods of teaching Yoga to students. To become a proficient yoga instructor you will have to join the intensive course which includes the procedures of classroom management and safety tips while educating Yoga to children. This course program will also educate you with hands-on training so that you gain an idea of teaching students in a real classroom.

There are many certification courses but it is best to select the yoga instructor training institute in Kolkata which hosts expert faculty who will teach you the correct methods of becoming a yoga instructor. You should also go for an institute which will help you to develop your career after completion of the course. Today Yoga is mainly taught to children so that they can cope up with stress. Our lives are becoming increasingly fast and it is important to be fit. For this reason, mainly the schools are emphasizing on training Yoga to the kids. However, there are several procedures to teach Yoga to the children which you will learn from the course.

Due to the high demand of trainers, several yoga classes in Kolkata have commenced. These classes are provided by the different institutes and they teach you about how children perceive Yoga as a subject and how you should manage them while teaching.

As a teacher, you will first need to teach your students what Yoga is and this three-month training will educate you about the ways in which you can develop the idea of the discipline to your students.

There are many methods of training yoga. In a yoga teacher training course, you will learn about

  • Observing the postures of the students as a teacher and correcting them accordingly.
  • Behavior management of students while learning Yoga in the classroom.
  • Teaching Yoga interactively so that students do not feel bored.

The intensive three-month training program includes comprehensive study materials to equip you with the knowledge of educating children efficiently. Therefore, you must take up this course if you wish to become a certified yoga instructor in schools. There are many yoga courses in Kolkata that you can select from. However, it is best to take up a course which focuses mainly on the methods of training Yoga to students in pre, primary and elementary schools.

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